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Every Time You Do Pafei, You're Not JUST Working Out...

Pafei builds your body from the inside out. You build strength, flexibility, stamina and absolute mental clarity.

It gives your body what it actually needs instead of just what you think it needs.

It's a treatment for your whole body, not just another workout

Meet Bengt...

The genius who invented Pafei and the name behind BVA.

Bengt was European karate champion in 1989 and has been studying the human body for over 3 decades and has given over 90,000 body therapy sessions.

Those decades of experience and thousands upon thousands of hours  have gone into creating the perfect workout.

It’s tried and tested to give your body exactly what it needs 

So you can be strong, healthy, and live like a champion! 

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We're NOT For Everybody...

We're not about looks or vanity or just doing stuff to look cool. 

We're not about quick fixes or shortcuts or taking the easy way out.

We're not about laziness and excuses or quitting.

We're ALL about putting in the hard work, willing to get uncomfortable, willing to challenge the norm and reaping the rewards.

If you've read this far, then maybe you're ready to stand with us. 

Maybe you're ready to step away from the ordinary and get serious about your body, your health and your life.

It's weird at first, but you'll feel amazing!

Start PAFEI today and unlock exclusive and unlimited access to:

  • The only Pafei training outside of Denmark;

  • BVA Yoga sessions (not your regular yoga at all!);

  • Pafei Warmup Sessions, to start your day on the best way possible; 
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What Happens When You Start Doing Pafei?

Some of the incredible benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased muscle and strength
  • Improved flexibility
  • Get back in touch with your natural instincts and reactions
  • Feel energized & invigorated
  • Feel like you're getting younger everyday
  • Pafei $147.00

    “Have been doing Pafei for 4 years now, and it’s transformed every area of my life. Not just my body, but my business and my relationships, and my ability to live my purpose, too. ”

    Serial entrepreneur and Pafei enthusiast

  • Pafei $147.00

    “Pafei is the most intense 90 minute workout I've ever tried. It was weird at first, but I felt amazing after each workout session!”

  • Pafei $147.00

    “"I had never tried anything like Pafei before and I'm glad I did. Even after just 1 week I found I had more energy and was a lot more alert too!"”

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Life Changing Workouts

We start you off with our 6 fundamental workouts + 3 BONUS workouts for if you do have some equipment to use. 

The Pafei workouts are broken down into 5 blocks - joints, organs, cardio, strength and floor work - so you can 100% tailor your training schedule to focus on whatever is most important to you.





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What Do I Actually Get By Joining?

By getting started on your journey, you'll get all of this:

  • Immediate access to our 6 foundation workouts
  • Access to all of our new workouts as they're added
  • Membership of our VIP Facebook group for accountability and to keep you on track
  • A monthly group coaching call with a Pafei Master Coach

And that's before we start talking about:

  • The transformation to your fitness (can you really put a price on that?)
  • The resilience you build from facing some of the toughest workouts you'll ever encounter
  • A stronger, more flexible and more agile body
  • A HUGE confidence boost from the physical AND mental changes you go through.


How Does That Sound?


PLUS: It's backed by our 30 day 100% money-back guarantee. If you commit to Club BVA and you're not fully satisfied with your progress or results, let us know and we'll refund your money!

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How much does it cost?

It’s literally just a few cents a day!

Can you imagine transforming your health and fitness for that investment?

You can get started with Pafei and be one of the first in the world to experience it training for just $0.41/day!

You’ll get full 12 month access to the workouts and the most in-depth coaching you could ask for, for an incredible 40% off PLUS be amongst the first to experience all of our new workouts and innovations as they get added.

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